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A few pictures from 2004 - 2005

AFSCME members talk and pose with Maj. Gen. Allen B Tackett, West Virginia's adjutant general just hours after the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) voted unanimously to spare the Charleston based Air National Guard's 130th Airlift Wing, thus saving nearly 1000 jobs generated by the Air Guard base. AFSCME members (many with relatives and friends at the base) and Locals wrote letters and made phone calls on behalf of the 130th.
Maj. Gen. Tackett gave most of the credit for the base being spared to Sen. Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va.. From left to right. Gordon Simmons, AFSCME WV Council 77 Vice President - Maj. Gen. Tackett - Bridget Davis, AFSCME Local 3248 and Bill Ramsey, AFSCME Local 3219 

AFSCME West Virginia on the move. A group of AFSCME members from a variety of state agencies (DOH, DHHR, Treasurer's Office, Auditor's Office, Worker's Comp, Culture & History, Rehab Services & BEP) take part in an AFL-CIO action to try and stop anti-worker changes to the Federal Overtime Laws in late 2004.


Kanawha, Putnam, Boone and Clay Counties Local 3248 is our largest Local and the elected Officers above make organizing and political involvement top priorities. Most Officers also double as stewards and organizers in their respective agency workplaces. From Left to right: Bridget Davis - Executive Board, David Hartung - Trustee, Greg Stone - Recording Secretary, Barbara Spradling - President, Cristine Stephens - Delegate, Jane Shipman - Executive Board, Janie Stafford - Trustee and Gordon Simmons - Secretary-Treasurer (not pictured: Justin Southern - Executive Board and Beverly Bowles - Trustee)

Partisans bring anti-Bush message - Jesse Jackson, labor leaders urge voters to ignore issues like guns, abortion - Click for news story

Over 50 AFSCME Council 77 activists attended the Charleston rally. The photo is of some of those members who stayed after the event ended to pose with Reverend Jesse Jackson, UMWA President Cecil Roberts and State Auditor Glen Gainer.  Click here for news story.

Local 3332 representing Wood, Wirt, Pleasants and Ritchie County state employees have new officers. President Michael Daley, Vice President Randall Bland and Recording Secretary Chuck Tennant (all seated) are surrounded by other Executive Board members and stewards at a recent meeting. President Daley stated that organizing the unorganized in their 4 counties and a stronger steward structure were the immediate goals of the Local's leadership. Local 3332's membership has doubled in less than a year.


Barbara “Babs” Spradling is Vice President of Local 3248 and was recently appointed the Workers Compensation ombudsman for labor. She makes sure Comp has a nice, updated union board near the employee door.

William “Willie” Robinson is the Chief Steward for Local 3226 (Fayette,Raleigh & Monroe). This DOH member takes it seriously and recently spent 8 hours on Saturday at Steward Training.



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